Supreme Tire & Automotive has a Brand New YouTube Channel!

Great news! Supreme Tire and Auto now has a YouTube channel! Our employees have lots of knowledge – and we want to share it with you!

Check out our first video here:

What Will Supreme Post on YouTube?

Now you may be wondering: What is Supreme going to post on YouTube?

We have several different types of videos we will be sharing. The first kind are videos about Supreme. These will include\ the services we offer, how we do vehicle maintenance, and content including our shop and employees! The second is “How To” videos. These videos will include our mechanics showing you how to do basic maintenance on your vehicle by yourself! The third type of video is “Preventative Maintenance” videos. These videos will highlight maintenance on your vehicle that you may forget about, or maintenance that you cannot do by yourself. Our mechanics will explain what it is, show how they do the maintenance in the shop, and also detail why it is important to keep up.

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