What are Spark Plugs?

Without spark plugs, your vehicle would not run. Therefore, it is very important to know what they are and how they work, in case you ever run into problems with them in the future.

Watch here as our tech Liam shows you what spark plugs look like, and explains what they do, and how they work! If you own a vehicle, the term “spark plugs” should be familiar to you. If it isn’t, this video is perfect for you! A spark plug is essential for your vehicle to run. When you start your vehicle, spark plugs create a spark of electricity that ignites your fuel, causing your engine to start, and your vehicle to run. If you have nay issues with your engine, you may have a faulty spark plug that is misfiring. If you have any issues with your spark plugs, book an appointment at Supreme Tire and Automotive and we’ll fix them for you!

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